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Industrial Metal Recycling

Metalico serves a broad base of industrial clients who trust us to deliver the best customer service, streamline their metal recycling, and offer the highest return for their scrap while helping to build their bottom line. From manufacturers to body shops to tool and die facilities, we serve them all and help them make more money with Metalico.

Our “Know More, Get More” scale initiative has placed numerous scales at customer sites. It’s our way of assuring you fair, accurate weights, enabling you to get the best value for your scrap metal. With your own on-site scale, you know the exact weight and gain greater confidence that the highest value is coming your way. If you have significant scrap volumes, contact us about a “Know More, Get More” scale from Metalico.

We also provide a variety of on-site collection means, including:

  • Roll-off containers – sizes from 10 to 60 cubic yards
  • Lugger containers
  • Gaylord boxes
  • Van and flatbed trailers
  • Lift-gate trucks
  • Customized scrap wagons
  • Stackable hoppers

We also closely coordinate scheduled pickups within 24 hours.

Industrial Scrap We Buy

Metalico purchases a wide range of scrap metal from commercial customers that are a by-product of various metal manufacturing processes. If it’s a metal that can be cut, drilled, machined or cast, we will likely buy it. We also pick up segregated alloys as well as mixed loads in quantities from one 55-gallon drum to multiple 60-cubic-yard containers

  • 2000 Series Turnings 

  • 6000 Series Turnings 

  • 6000 Pucks (2% Moisture Allowance) 

  • 7000 Series Turnings 

  • Mixed 2000 & 7000 Series Turnings 

  • High Grade Turnings (.5% Zn, 1% Si) 

  • Mixed Turnings (1% Zn, 1.5% Si) 

  • Aluminum Solids, Sheets, Clips and Turnings
    • Copper Solids, Sheets, Clips and Turnings

  • Aluminum Radiators
  • New Aluminum Radiators
  • Aluminum Bumpers
  • Aluminum Litho Sheet
  • Painted Aluminum Siding
  • Painted Siding (Old)
    • Steel Siding 

  • UBC's
  • Window Extrusions
  • Irony Dies/Molds
    • Cutting Tools
    • Carbide Cutters
    • Nickel-Based Alloys
    • Cobalt-Based Alloys
    • Titanium Alloys

Contact us if you do not see a potentially recyclable item on this list, and we’d be glad to tell you if we can accept it.