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Raise Money for Worthy Causes With a Cash for Scrap Drive

It’s possible to raise money for non-profit organizations and charitable causes recycling cans and newspapers. But you can earn much more for these worthy causes with a Cash for Scrap Drive with Metalico.

Think about it – you can earn cash for so many items: dishwashers, stoves, barbecue grills, bicycles, lawnmowers, and many other items.  See our list of what you can scrap for the complete rundown.

Advantages of a Cash for Scrap Drive

  • Allows you to collect more valuable items and raise more money for your organization
  • Helps individuals remove scrap metal and items from their homes and places of business that they no longer want or use
  • Aids the environment by recycling metals that might otherwise go into landfills
  • Conserves and protects natural resources as more materials are recycled and reused

How a Cash for Scrap Drive Works

There are a few easy steps that can get you started on earning funds to contribute to non-profit organizations and charitable causes.

  1. Contact Metalico and ask about the Cash for Scrap Drive progam. We'll answer your questions and provide an overview of the drive, how to prepare for it and get started. We’ll also send you written materials you will need.
  2. Four to six weeks prior to your drive, place the provided recycling collection bins at your organization or other locations around your community. These can be places of business that agree to participate with your drive, too. This can be a one-time drive or an ongoing fundraiser.
  3. Invite people in your organization or community to bring their scrap metal to a pre-determined site (such as a parking lot) on a certain day within arranged hours. A truck from Metalico will pick up all the scrap at the close of your collection day.
  4. Metalico will then sort and weigh all donated metals and provide you with a check made out to the charitable or non-profit organization.

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